I use many Arabic words throughout my writing, and also reference to Islamic rituals or ideas. I recognize that not everyone is familiar with all of those terms and so this page serves as working document of terms that I may use and their definitions, and I shall try and keep this as updated as possible. I will try my best to italicize all such words in any of my posts so that you can refer here with ease.  If you have a better definition of a word rather than the one I have here, feel free to contact me through my contact page! 


Allah (All-la):

Athan (ah-thaan):

Barakah (ba-ra-ka): I guess this can be roughly translated to mean blessings, but also perhaps the idea of goodness that is spiritually relevant, divine goodness in a sense. If you say to someone, “I hope your life is filled with Baraka” there is an understanding that you are not only wishing that their life we filled with blessings, but blessings that enable their life to give them a great spiritual return, or reward, if that makes any sense.

Eid (ee-d):

Fajr (fa-jur):

“Gaa” (gaa):

Habibullah (hā-beeb-ul-la):

Imam (ee-maa-m): 

InshaAllah (in-shaa-all-la):

Janazah (ja-naa-za):

Jannah (jen-na):

Jiddu (jid-du):

“Kaaf” (kaa-f):

Karkade (car-ka-day):

Marhaban Bikum (mar-ha-ban) (bee-kum):

Musallah (moo-sul-laa):

Mushafs (muhs-hafs):

Masjid (mas-jed):

Quran (kur-ann):

Raka’at (reh-kaa-aat):

Shaykh (shay-kuh):

Shahadah (sha-ha-da): Islamic declaration of faith, something you say that makes you a Muslim (simply declaring this publicly is all you have to do to convert)! You say in Arabic “La ilaha ila Allah, Muhammad Ar Rasul Allah” which translates to mean “there is no god but God and Muhammad is His messenger”.

Toub (too-ub):