About the Author: Mona Hagmagid

This webpage is titled Daughter of Diaspora because in many ways I, like other multi cultural American Muslim women, feel fragmented and distanced from my ancestors, the many homes I have inherited, all while searching for my own place in the world.

I am a Sudanese and Afro-American woman from Northern Virginia, the daughter of an African American convert to Islam and a Sudanese Muslim immigrant. Currently, I am an American Studies doctoral student at the University of Michigan focusing on the history and legacy of American Muslims, after having earned my BA at the University of Pennsylvania in Philosophy and Africana Studies. I write, read, and think often and so I have decided to make room for myself to share it as I continue along my own journey of learning more about the people I come from, and thus, more about where I am heading. Please read and feel free to share with anyone who you think might also be looking to piece back together where they have come from and who they are trying to be.

May God’s peace and blessing descend upon my beloved Prophet and may He shower you with good health, good faith, and good people who nurture and love you always.